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Current Lake Levels

Grand Fishing Report

The Grand Lake Fishing Report was started 18 years ago as a way to help local fishermen and those planning a fishing trip to Grand Lake O the Cherokees get the most current Grand Lake fishing reports.

Guide Ivan Martin and web developer Bud Gammell partnered to give interested anglers the most current up to date lake fishing info. Since then, Bud has passed away but the Grand Fishing Report lives on.

In 2014 Jeff Williams, Outdoor BrandZ, and the Grand River Dam Authority stepped up to redesign and streamline GrandFishingReport.com.

Thanks to all the loyal users and don't forget to keep checking the report!

Ivan Martin, Founder – Grand Fishing Report


I grew up fishing here on Grand Lake and have very fond memories of dock, bank and boat fishing here as very young boy. When I was 18 I bought my first "real boat" and started guiding for Bass and Crappie. As my guiding business progressed, I started offering trips for very large reservoir Blue Catfish and Spoonbill (Paddlefish).

In 2007 as my fishing career progressed, my wife (Patricia) and I started the Team Catfish brand of catfishing tackle. With in a few years the Team Catfish had became very successful and that allowed us to develop several other sporting goods brands right here on Grand Lake.

You can find out more about us, where our dealers are and look at everything we sell at www.OutdoorBrandZ.com.

Jeff Williams, Outdoor BrandZ